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To Lose Weight, No Secrets

Everyone has their own slimming method, but which one is the right one? The ever-growing market for the diet could undoubtedly reveal the ineffectiveness of the slimming methods offered.

Diets, what exactly are they?

Diets are times when the body is deprived of certain nutrients. The weight loss thus obtained is in fact the manifestation of the state of crisis in which the organism is at this moment: it is not functioning optimally. He draws on his reserves. The danger of diets lies in this fact: the body must adapt to a shortage of the nutrients it needs by consuming itself. Thus, its functions are impoverished and slowed down. The result is that he suffers and the health consequences can be dramatic if the diet is too strict, too restrictive. The advice to lose weight should be common sense rather than inciting to make your body suffer for a few days of lightness. It has now been proven that the positive results of the diet are only temporary, while its consequences on health can turn out to be irreversible. Common sense arguments consist of a balanced diet, which provides the body with all the nutrients it needs, in sufficient quantities.

What advice to lose weight?

To lose weight, any kind of excess should be avoided because it seems logical, without even referring to the weight, that any excess leads to overflow and imbalance. Thus, stopping snacking can be a good starting point because these food consumption, without the body having expressed the need, constitute excess intakes which will be stored if they are not used.

Eating beyond your hunger fits the same pattern as snacking. As for energy expenditure, it is also necessary to balance them with respect to what we consume because it is also obvious that if we provide the body with a source of energy and nothing is used, it ci will be stored. It is in this dynamic that it is frequently recommended to play sports to lose weight. In addition, beyond the effects on weight loss, physical activity has significant benefits on metabolism and morale. With reference to these elements, an innovative method was created by a nutritionist and a psychotherapist. This is based on a work of food rebalancing during which the person wishing to lose weight and get rid of diets focuses on his eating behavior to regulate his diet according to the needs expressed by his body.

A shocking new book has been released on the subject. This book denounces the methods of the current regimes and in this case the methods of the Dukan regime. Info from the book on the site that says no to diets .

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